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Glorious Yogurt

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

There can be little else to match the magic of fermentation as it transforms many foods to become more nutritious and delicious. Yogurt is one of those things that I always marvel at, sublime creamy and amazing. Homemade yogurt is both straightforward to make and when it is as cheap as milk you can use liberally, as a desert, a marinade or to accompany so many foods on your plate. think curry.

Firstly use the best milk possible, full fat unhomogenised is best.

You'll need milk we do batches of 2 or 3 litres, a pan, a thermometer, glass jars - I use mason jars of 1 Ltr size but any large jar will do.

Firstly heat the milk to 92 deg C for 2 minutes - this step is called scalding the milk, Heating milk before culturing denatures one of the main whey proteins, lactoglobulin, which effectively increases the amount of protein in the milk that will be available to thicken the yogurt. Richer milk equals richer creamy yogurt.

Let the milk cool to 40 deg C and stir in a starter, either some of last week's yogurt or a live organic yogurt like Yeo Valley. No here's an odd thing, don't use too much as it doesn't work so well, 100g is enough for 2/3 ltr of milk.

Now pour into your jars, close the lid and put into a warm place, I use the over set to nearly the lowest setting. You don't want it higher than 42C. just work out the setting that gives you this. Now leave it for at least 3 hours, or longer up to 12 hours for a more tangy flavour. I do 5 or 6 hours usually but then if I make it in the evening I'll confidently leave it overnight. Then take out and chill for a few hours before eating, its sets further.

If its stringy then it was too warm, too wet then make sure you hit 92 C for 2 minutes. Some whey always comes out when you spoon it out of the jar, I don't use emulsifiers, but that no problem, Eat the little bit of whey in your yogurt or treat the dog they'll love it.

Do this every week as part of a routine and enjoy.

Thank you to John for submitting this piece of education

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